The Group

Hamburg (DE)  /Linz (AT)  / Birkenhead (UK)  Technological leader of the hydrofinishing process. Offers a wide range of wax products of the highest quality and purity.

Santena (IT)
The Global leader
in tailor-made waxes

Rotterdam (NL) / Houston (TX – USA)
Focused on wax specialties for every industrial application

Marseille (FR)
European leader in beeswax refining,
supplier of the main cosmetic brands worldwide

Bedford (UK)
The most prestigious candle maker in the world.
Official supplier of the British Crown since 1840.
Royal Warrant Holder

Sarrians (FR)
World leader in grafting and agriculture waxes

Quintanar (ESP)
Specialized in sustainable waxes, offers
the highest quality products for the
cosmetic and hot-melt adhesive sectors